Friday, August 3, 2012

Tomato Veggie Salad

This salad recipe comes to us from Lisa Wacheldorf, the manager of the Piedmont Farmers' Market. Lisa suggests "eyeballing" measurements, since she rarely employs precise ingredient measurements.
Slice cucumbers and coarsely chop heirloom tomatoes.
Sprinkle with sea salt in a lidded bowl.
Shake hard and put bowl in refrigerator to sweat-1/2 hour if you’re hungry but an hour is better.

Add chopped onions (preferably green) and peppers.
This salad is intended to be flexible, so add a few other veggies as the supply and the spirit moves you--squash, celery, green beans, corn, even canned kidney beans.
Cut up some fresh basil of course.
Add red wine vinegar and a little tomato juice or water if your tomatoes weren’t juicy enough.
Put the completed salad mix back into the refrigerator for 1/2 hour to an hour, so they can mix and mingle.
Serve with dinner as a side dish.
Alternatively, this "salad" can be used as a main addition to a pasta dish by straining the veggies from the remaining liquid and then tossing the veggies in with cooked pasta.
The remaining juice can be used as a marinade.

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